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Who are we?

Alteximex S.A. designs, manufactures and distributes baby articles and baby clothing. Alteximex also distributes clothes for children from 0 to 12 year under license.


Alteximex was created in 1967 and rapidly manages to secure an important position as textile importer in Belgium.

Through the years, Elie Hasson extends the product line. New articles are added to the range of products in function of the customers’ needs. In the early seventies, he specializes in baby and children clothing, underwear and accessories. In 1986 his oldest son, Raphael Hasson, joins the family business, followed in 2000 by the second son, Michel Hasson. Raphael and Michel succeed in strongly developing the textile import from Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Greece and Spain, and later from the Far East. They import final products, yet pay attention to the needs of their European customers since all articles are designed in their own offices.


The textile market is a dynamic and fast-moving market, it is thus very important to be permanently on the move. We organize extremely specific prospecting actions and develop pioneering products with an innovative design.


We are present on different fashion fairs in Germany, France and Spain.

We have Belgian and international customers: Germany, Cyprus, Spain, France, Israel, Italy, Luxemburg, Morocco, Norway, Netherlands, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal,...

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